Iron Range Youth in Action collaborates with the American Lung Association.  Since a majority of tobacco users start before the age of 18, high school students are an appropriate age group to become educated on the topic.  IRYA is involved with the American Lung Association for their lobby day at the Capitol, their booth at the St. Louis County Fair and the annual Kick Butts Day.  Students see tobacco use daily and want to make a change to their community at the local and state levels involving tobacco.  Working with the American Lung Association gives them that platform to make a difference.    Visit their website.




Iron Range Youth in Action assists the Salvation Army with projects during the year. The Salvation Army is an organization that serves countless communities throughout the region, state and nation. IRYA members have been volunteering for many years at their local Salvation Army location and community events. Working with this organization provides IRYA members a valuable experience as they often don’t realize the impact of their volunteer work and how many people utilize this resource. These opportunities show IRYA members how a small amount of their time can really help make progress within their community.  Visit their website.
local Virginia Salvation Army website




Habitat For Humanity helps local residents construct and own a home that is safe, efficient and affordable.  Iron Range Youth in Action has been active at a variety of Habitat locations throughout the United States. Our program members have helped with construction of new homes as well as volunteering at their fundraising events throughout the past. IRYA students have witnessed individuals and families impacted in a positive way and it’s very humbling to see the dedication this organization has to every single community it serves. Visit their website.


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Iron Range Youth in Action students volunteer once per month at Ruby’s Pantry in Cherry, Ely, Babbitt and Cook.  They organize the incoming food items delivered by trucks and assist recipients with their food selections and portions needed.
Ruby's Pantry





Generation W is a student newspaper that began over a decade ago with involvement of Iron Range Youth in Action students. The newspaper operations includes six issues per year distributed through 4-5 Iron Range newspapers. The structure of newspapers all over the world has experienced changes for many reasons and with the popularity of social media the student newspaper will begin a process in moving towards an online publication. Visit their website.