You may ask...What do we DO?


Under the guidance of St. Louis County Program Coordinators and school-based Advisors,

students particapate in a variety of school and community projects that foster leadership,

team-building, and community outreach. Project planning begins with student involvement and is based on thier interests.

Some of the things that YIA is involved with include:

* Kids Voting     * Adopt-a-Highway     * Park clean-up projects       

*Kindness Campaigns     * Cardboard Box City     * Elementary Crafts        

 * Food Drives     * Necessity Drives     * Nursing Home Visits           

   * Nature Hikes     *Warm Drives     * Habitat for Humanity                     

* American Lung Association     * Holiday Gift Wrapping     * Ronald McDonald House   

           * Boo at the Zoo     * Bentleyville     * Community Connect

and many more!



Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Make a Difference Conference 2018

The focus of this conference is to provide education through a variety of workshop offerings by the students and a presentation delivered by professional keynote speakers.  Our goal for student partcipants is to bring awareness that everyone can make a positive difference in their lives by becoming active in community service projects and civic events.

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