Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 Service Learning Trip by Hannah Kaim

On this IRYA trip I learned how fortunate I really am. I know I am fortunate and grateful for what I have. I never realized how grateful I should be even for the little things. Things like my health, my family’s health, my own bedroom, the food I eat, and so much more. 


After visiting the Ronald McDonald house I felt like a different person. I can remember seeing a mother with her sick son in the stroller the look on her face wasn't angry or sad, it was the face of exhaustion, it wasn't exhaustion like she needed a nap. You could tell without even talking to her that she was exhausted from fighting for her son, fighting for his life, fighting for his health, fighting for something no parent or child should have to fight for. 


I also learned the importance of volunteering, and the feeling you get after it. It is an amazing feeling, to know that an hour or two of your time can make a HUGE difference to people. I believe it is something everyone should experience more than once in their lives.


This trip made it very difficult to choose a favorite thing. The one moment that was better than the rest, was at Feed My Starving Children, when we prayed over the boxes of rice we had packed that were going to Haiti. Not only did I enjoy the volunteering, I also had a great time with some new friends, Morgan, Jayda and Abby. Without the girls of Room 617 I wouldn’t have slept better!


The trip was a great experience, and the only thing I wish we would have done is stayed longer at Feed My Starving Children. Also, I think it would be fun to go to a Twins game.


Hannah Kaim

Hibbing High School

Author: Anonym